Show Your Support for Ukraine and the “Ukraine Freedom Fighters!”

These Ukrainian Flag images have been created by the Spirit of Liberty Foundation for Americans and people around the World to download and print on 8.5” x 11” paper FREE for non-commercial use to display in their homes, offices, automobiles and trucks to show their support for the Ukraine and the Ukraine Freedom Fighters! Feel free to pass them along to your friends and family.

Click on the images above to Download your Free PDF

The “We Support Ukraine/Ukraine Lives” Bracelet is available FREE for every American to wear as a symbol of their support for the Ukraine Freedom Fighters!

  • One  FREE bracelet –   $3.00 for postage & handling.
  • Three FREE bracelets – $6.00 for postage & handling.

The National “Drive for Ukraine” Freedom Tour has Officially Started!

With the blessing and support from national Ukraine religious leaders and charities supporting Ukraine across America, the Spirit of Liberty Foundation, a 501(c)(3),  has organized a National Drive for Ukraine Freedom Tour Across America featuring a dramatically wrapped vehicle with colorful graphics and a portrait of President Zelenskyy, the American and Ukraine Flags and participating charities’ logos with the powerful statement “FREEDOM TOGETHER”!

The Drive for Ukraine Freedom Tour left from San Diego on August 4th at 1:00 pm in a dramatic Ceremony at the prestigious San Diego Air and Space Museum, a bastion of Patriotism. The Ceremony will included members from the House of Ukraine Museum, Ukrainian religious and civic leaders including Ukrainian Father Yurii Sas who blessed the Drive for Ukraine Freedom Tour and the Freedom Together vehicle.

Steven Barber, the Drive for Ukraine Freedom Tour Driver and Executive Directorwill continue for 21 days driving across America with stops and Ceremonies at Ukrainian Churches in cities with major Ukrainian populations which include Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Philadelphia and New York, culminating with major Ceremonies in Washington DC (at the Ukraine Catholic National Shrine) and New York City. 

The goal of the Drive for Ukraine Freedom Tour Across America is to create awareness and support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people with a goal of raising $5 million paid directly to the leading charities providing support for the Drive for Ukraine Freedom Tour.  Although there will be no direct fundraising, we will ask Americans to make direct contributions to the major Ukrainian relief non-profit organizations supporting Ukraine humanitarian efforts to raise funds for immediate and long-term needs. The participating charities are: UN Refugee Agency. Direct Relief, International Medical Corps, Global Empowerment Mission … all with the blessing of the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA.

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