Project Description

The Crossing of America Tour

Spreading Patriotism Across the Nation

The Crossing of America raises awareness and support for America’s Real Heroes: our Armed Forces, Veterans and their Families. The Tour begins aboard the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego Harbor and concludes on the deck of the USS Intrepid in New York Harbor. Two official Spirit of Liberty Jeeps™ are driven nearly 20,000 miles through 44 States and the District of Columbia during the 105-day trip and generates over $40 million of local and National media coverage.

Various figures in government, entertainment, sports and media personalities participate in The Tour. During our most recent trip, thirty-nine Governors and Presidents including former President George H.W. Bush personally participated in the Crossing of America Tour. As well as over 1,500 Fallen Hero Families and 3,000 Wounded Warriors and their families. Others who participate and have previously participated in the Tour include Medal of Honor recipients, actors like Harrison Ford, professional athlete Sugar Ray Leonard, and numerous celebrities.